The snake tries to swallow the pig whole before it can squeal, but fortunately or unfortunately (depending on the context) the pig doth squeal before the snake can conceal at times.  This game of secrets and squeals couldn’t have been better portrayed than it was last year in the 2013 year of the snake, when Edward Snowden, born in the 1983 pig year, squealed and leaked many of the NSA’s secrets.  What makes it worse or better, depending on your perspective, is that Mr. Snowden was born 6/21/1983=30/3.  He is a double 3, born in a 21/3 pig year.  While the 7 is the discoverer and keeper of secrets numerologically (much like the snake astrologically), the 3 energy tries (often inaccurately, incompletely or naively) to communicate these secrets; often thinking that by putting secrets out, he/she is making the World a better a place.  In many ways, I respect the 3 energy as it often thinks it has a deep truth and wants to share that deep truth; whether for its own benefit/glory or to help others (or both).  Sometimes, it does and sometimes that is for the best.  The 3 can be a highly charismatic and deeply inspirational figure.  Other times, the 3 energy is hurting itself and human evolution because it doesn’t know that within its revelations are many lies and deceptions.  Remember, the pig is the 12th (3) sign of the zodiac.  Edward Snowden, a pig, leaked classified information during a snake year; his enemy sign.  Furthermore, the snake energy doesn’t like when secrets get out.  Edward Snowden will be punished for what he did, no matter how noble or treasonous, no matter how accurate or inaccurate his information was.

As a matter of fact, the snake already began punishing this pig.  At the beginning of his revelations, he was a hero and a patriot.  Over time, the universe has worked against him and many more people see him as a traitor running into Putin’s arms.  I will remind you that on June 21st of this year, Edward Snowden entered his 7 personal year and it’s also a 7 universal year (2014).   He will be punished again and again, if not swallowed whole.  Again, I’m not taking sides, just telling you how the energy works-and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was set up in many ways.

Beyond the fact that it was a snake year, consider some of Snowden’s most significant and harshest critics; James Clapper was the director of the NSA born 3/14/1941=23/5.  1941 is a snake year, which is the enemy of the pig Snowden.  Ex-CIA director James Woolsey, born 9/21/1941=27/9, said Snowden should be hanged, if/when convicted of treason.  He’s a snake.  Dutch Ruppersberger has been one of Snowden’s most significant critics in congress.  He’s born 1/31/1946=25/7.  7s, like snakes, don’t like secrets spilling out. The list goes on.  However, Snowden was more set up than he thinks and most people don’t realize that much of his information is only partial and or inaccurate.  Snowden decided to use the Guardian newspaper (who named him person of the year in 2013).  The guardian was founded in 1821, a snake year.  Who’s the editor of that paper? Alan Rusbridger, born 12/29/1953, in you guessed it, the year of the snake. Glen Greenwald, the journalist who helped publish Snowden’s material in the guardian, was actually a friend for Snowden; a 5 lifepath born in the goat year.  While this goat had a prominent career that lasted for 6 years from 2007 (pig)-2012 with which was founded in 1995 (pig), his career with the Guardian (snake) only lasted 1 year.  Goats and pigs are friends in Chinese astrology, whereas snakes and goats (while not enemies at the level of snakes/pigs) don’t get along that well.  Even the Association of German Scientists, which gave Snowden an award, was founded in 1959, the year of the pig.  You’ll recall that Snowden didn’t squeal when he worked for the CIA, founded 9/18/1947=39/3 pig year (like Snowden).  He tried to whistleblow internally while he was there instead.  Finally, there’s a reason we passed “The Espionage Act” and the “Trading with Enemy Act” in 1917, the year of the snake.

Pigs with 3 energy just can’t seem to keep from squealing.  One of the most famous leakers or whistleblowers is obviously Julian Assange, born 7/3/1971=28/1.  He’s born on the 3rd in a pig year.  It’s funny because what really helped WikiLeaks rise to prominence and scrutiny was its April 2010 (tiger year) leak of Iraq War footage from 7/12/2007, a pig year.  It was a 1 universal day and 3 karmic day, similar to Julian Assange’s birthday.  The footage showed how innocents (mostly journalists) were killed by the U.S. air force, and it shocked a great many people.  It was necessary for the World to see what happened that day, but the flipside is that it also created more hatred toward the United States.  It’s true that Wikileaks was founded 10/4/2006=13/4.  That’s part of the reason it’s one of the most successful mechanisms of leaking information.  The important thing to remember about 4 is that while order is a high priority, reporting those who break the law is as important.  Yet and still, the snake year followed by the 7 Horse year has not been kind to Julian Assange personally nor in his efforts to get out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London and bring a close to the charges against him

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