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Imprinted Energy : Book 1,Volume 1

Metaphysical(Imprinted) energy and it’s impact on People,History and World Events


       For the 1st time, A Numerologist/Astrologist has ever attempted to Prove the Efficiency of Astrology with dozens of Historic Examples

Under the guidance of “Gary the Numbers Guy”, Ryan has written an excellent e-book

Beginning with the wonderful concept of Yang/Yin, Ryan introduces you all to mysterious law of Universe, then he proceeds on to explain 2 reliable and accurate systems to analyze metaphysical energy, he also gives a brief comparison of 2 prominent Astrology systems and how accurate each of them are,

He then explains the basic structure of Chinese Astrology and gives dozens and dozens of examples to prove accuracy of this system.

A part of the book deals with Analysis of Opposite Energy Cycles which is a must read for anyone interested in occult science(Note : This Part of e book is at-least 10 times worth the cost you pay).

In the later part of the e book, he deals with Chinese astrology and it’s impact on our economy,Finally On Behalf of the World Economy– He explains(Convincingly) Why  Obama Must Step Down by February 19, 2015