17 Hours…Is All It Takes to Learn This                                      2800 years Old Unique Astrology System!


Dear Astrology Enthusiast,
If you had ever wanted to learn one of the oldest, accurate and the most complex astrology system in the world in a simple step-by-step,easy-to-learn manner that helps you get feedback like the one’s below, then this letter is for YOU…
There are hundreds of ancient Vedic Astrology scriptures, but unfortunately none of them cover astrology at its entirety and above all, most of the descriptions don’t fit the modern civilization… Also there are thousands of modern day books on astrology which are merely re-interpretation of the old scriptures… These books can only introduce you to the subject of vedic astrology at the most, but nothing beyond that….
I spent several years going through these astrology texts, understanding various techniques mentioned in it,then  changing those interpretations to the fit the modern world and test it on several horoscopes only to be disappointed to find that the rules and techniques mentioned in these texts don’t work the way they are said to work… But….
Here’s the most important point of all….
It takes a minimum of 7 to 10 years to at least  learn(I’m not even talking about understanding) all of the Vedic Astrology concepts(Yes, It’s that huge)….Ugh! But you know what?
I’m a strong advocate of Keep It Simple Rule…I prefer spending few months on learning an astrology system that can give 70% to 85% accuracy and master it rather than spending a decade to learn the subject fully that (might) help you give 100% accurate prediction… So,
If you are like me, if you believe in the same,…I am very much excited to introduce you to the most unique “Vedic Astrology Crash Course” that you will not find anywhere else…Yes…
I’ll be teaching you a very unique Vedic astrology system(that less than 1% of astrologers are aware of fully) which will help you predict events within few seconds of looking at the horoscope…AND…..all it takes is just 8 hours to learn
And I won’t leave you there….I will also be teaching you the traditional system of vedic astrology(intermediate level) so that you can combine both these systems to cross-check,fine tune and give prediction with greater confidence….However,
I only take limited number of students every 3 months, Having read so far, I assume you are interested to join the “Vedic Astrology Crash Course”…So If you find the buy button below, it means few slots are still open and you should buy it before you lose the opportunity..

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If you are on the fence and want to know more details before you buy…following details will help you out…

1. To be able to predict using Vedic Astrology, your  basic foundation should be SUPER STRONG, By basic foundation, I mean your knowledge about the 9 Planets, 12 Zodiac Signs and 12 houses should be very good, I’ll be covering all of it in a simple no-fluff, straight-to-the point approach…

2. Knowing how strong or weak a planet is, how each planet impacts 8 other planets is very crucial before you get into the prediction part, I’ll teach you how to find them using few simple rules….

And finally, here’s the secret sauce…

3. You will learn the unique vedic astrology method(that less than 1% of astrologers are aware of) to predict how each area of one’s life(like career, marriage, children, education, health, travel, etc) is impacted by the planets and zodiac sign.



4. I will also be teaching you basics of traditional Vedic astrology system which you can combine with the Unique Vedic astrology method to be more confident with your predictions…

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